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Archaeological investigation: preventive non-invasive survey, archaeological excavations, dating, GIS cataloguing

Preventive non-invasive survey
Considering that the G Group area was covered with thick vegetation, geophysical prospecting and geomorphological investigations were carried out before any excavation can be undertaken. Findings showed that in at least 70% of the area surveyed, the cultural layer was at least 2.5 meters underground.

Archaeological excavations
G group required an extensive archaeological work, due to two main reasons. Firstly, the G group is spread over a considerable area of around 3500 M2. Secondly, a  significant quantity of archaeological materials lies buried in primary deposition. More than 1500 decorative relics were recovered, most of them found in their original context when the Cham abandoned My Son in the XIV century. The clearing of the vegetation was carefully done, so that any brick or relic would be recorded using graphic and photographic documentation.

The ancient drainage system of the G Group was discovered during the archaeological research, making it possible to be integrated into the site interpretation for visitors.

Inventory and cataloguing
All archaeological material and recovered artefacts have been cleaned, recorded (graphic and photographic), inventoried and catalogued. During project implementation, the Vietnamese team of experts and technicians were extensively trained on the proper storage of archaeological materials. Every single archaeological material, including pottery shard, as been stored and classified. Considering the significant amount of archaeological materials recovered, an extensive research is required in the future.

Material restoration
The most significant objects found in the G Group were restored. This provided the opportunity for local Vietnamese experts to be trained in the restoration and conservation of terracotta objects.

Refer to technical report on the conservation of selected archaeological artefacts found in My Son, G Group which can be found here.