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Our Partners

Italian Funds-in-Trust

Conservation activities in My Son Group G Monuments has been largely funded by Italian Funds-in-Trust, which has entered into a joint agreement with UNESCO to enhance their cooperation within the framework of the 1972 Convention Concerning the Protection of the Cultural and Natural Heritage. The agreement aims to reinforce the effectiveness of the World Heritage Convention, promote global strategy for a more representative World Heritage List, and improve the management of cultural and natural sites inscribed in it.

For further information about the Italian Funds-in-Trust, please visit their website at   

Global Heritage Fund

The Global Heritage Fund provided grant assistance for the safeguarding of the World Heritage Site of My Son, in conjunction with activities carried out under the UNESCO-Italian Funds-in-Trust Project on the Safeguarding of My Son. The Global Heritage Fund is a non-profit, international conservancy formed to preserve and protect humankind’s most important archaeological and cultural heritage sites in developing countries.

For further information about the Global Heritage Fund and its projects worldwide, please visit their website at

Lerici Foundation (Fundacion Ing. Carlo Maurilio Lericio)

The Lerici Foundation is the International Implementing Agency for project activities funded by the Italian Funds-in-Trust and the Global Heritage Fund for the Safeguarding of the World Heritage Site of My Son. The Lerici Foundation was the first institution in Italy to introduce non-invasive methods for the location and identification of buried archaeological structcures.

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