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On-site Training on Archeological Maintenance and Management

As required in the provisions in the Master Plan, on-site training on archaeological maintenance and management was implemented. This activity required coordination and cooperation between the site managers of the protected site and the policy-makers and administrative officials responsible for the economic development of local communities.


Considering that the Champasak protected archaeological site covers a very large area, and that monuments and relics, both exposed and unexcavated, are dispersed over the entire archaeological site, there are various strategies by which the entire site can be appropriately managed and maintained. As in the case of the Ancient City and the Lingapura site, most of the archaeological features are still buried underground, but both sites are under threat from agricultural activities and the construction of new structures.


Several meetings with the concerned District officials were convened and a training programme was conducted to familiarize all concerned Laotian authorities of the nature, location of relics and monuments, both exposed and unexcavated, and how these sites can be safeguarded from agricultural and developmental pressures. During a demonstration and training carried out on the main shrine and north building of Vat Phou complex, participants were taught how to maintain and clean exposed and standing historic structures, among others.


For more details, download the Final Technical Report 2004 here.