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Training in Museology

After nomination of the site to the World Heritage List, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) donated an 'Exhibition Hall', through a bilateral agreement signed with the Champasak Province. The building was initially designed as a repository of archaeological material and relics from recent archaeological excavations and from local collections. After the Exhibition Hall was completed, the International Expert Team under the UNESCO project, in close collaboration with the Laotian site authorities, implemented an intensive programme to organize and improve the quality of the repository. At the end, the repository became a permanent 'Exhibition Hall' open to the public. The proper arrangements and documentation of exhibited items inside the 'Exhibition Hall' has dramatically improved site presentation and project visibility. In 2004, approximately 35,000 international and domestic tourists visited the Exhibition Hall.  



In the process of setting up the Exhibition Hall, the staff received training on:


Inventory and proper cataloguing of 550 artefacts. The inventory was done in both paper and 'informatic' formats. The collection consists of sculptures and ceramic from the Khmer period (from 7th to 13th centuries AD), from Lao-Buddhist art forms (from 18th to 19th AD),  and miscellaneous objects, including copies of original relics and folk statues produced during the 20th century.


Principle and methodology of display


Security and maintenance. Eight staff members were trained as watchmen and maintenance crew, specifically in the cleaning of artefacts using appropriate tools and general maintenance of the Exhibition Hall and its contents.


Basic principles on material restoration (stone and pottery)


Posters describing exhibited items



The training in museology was conducted in accordance with the recommendations described in the Champasak Heritage Management Plan. The Management Plan identifies a number of projects critical to the success of the site's preservation and development and sets forth specific policies and actions.