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Updating the Action Plan for the World Heritage Site of Vat Phou and Associated Settlements within the Champasak Cultural Landscape

On 28 September 1998, the Champasak Heritage and Cultural Landscape Management Plan, prepared under the supervision of the Office of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, was formally adopted by the Government of Lao PDR. The Management Plan, which was part of the nomination dossier of the site which was inscribed in the World Heritage List in 1999, was prepared under the guidance of Mr. Christopher Young, the Head of the World Heritage and International Policy Department of the English Heritage. Mr. Young specifically included in the Management Plan the need to update short term management objectives every five years. As such, Mr. Young was commissioned to undertake a mission to Vat Phou in January 2005, to review what has been accomplished during the last five years in the site vis-à-vis the management plan, and to update the Action Plan for the next five years.


Specifically, Mr. Young prepared an Action Plan for the next five years in close consultation with concerned Laotian authorities and member/experts from the International Implementing Agency, after a thorough analysis of the pressures on standing monuments, buried archaeology, future developments and environmental concerns, as well as tourism and site development pressures.