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Voices UNESCO in Asia and the Pacific, December 2014

Issue 66 | ISSN: 2075-5147 [Special Edition for UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation]

Joining hands to safeguard heritage in Asia-Pacific

The UNESCO Bangkok office has over the years been implementing programmes that engage the public and private sectors in working together to safeguard Asia-Pacific’s cultural heritage... READ MORE>>

Just Launched!

Established in 2005, a special Award is given in addition to the conservation award categories.

The Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts (previously known as the Jury Commendation for Innovation), recognizes newly built structures that demonstrate outstanding design well-integrated into historic contexts.

Submission is open for completed new architecture and design projects that enrich the existing heritage setting.

Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards' Map Database

We have launched an interactive map database of Awarded projects in Asia and the Pacific. Search for the heritage sites in your country, just click!


The 2014 Awarded Projects



Asia Conserved Series

Heritage Homeowner's Preservation Manuals