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Que Weimin

Professor Que Weimin is Professor at College of Urban and Environment Sciences, World Heritage Research Centre, Peking University, China.

Vice-Chairman of Executive Committee of UNESCO-AAHM (2009-2011).

Historical Geography PhD. in Peking University (1991).

Visiting Study in Department of Geography, CSU.Fresno, USA (Sep 1993 - Dec 1994)

Visiting in Dept. of Geography and Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, UK (Nov 1999 - May 2000).

Lecture and Assistant Professor (Sep 1987 - Apr 1999) in Dept. of Geography, Hangzhou

University, Professor (May 1999 – Aug 2004) in History Dept., Humanities College, Zhejiang University.

Winner of 4 entries for UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award: Cangqiao Historical Street in Shaoxing (Award of Merit, 2003), Zhangzhou City Historical Streets (Honourable Mention, 2004), Timber-Arched Corridor Bridge in Qingyuan County (Award of Excellence, 2005), and Heritage Building Group in Cicheng Historic Town (Honourable Mention, 2009).

Author of 3 publications and 1 translation: Ideas of Historical Geography: Representation, Reconstruction, Imagination.(Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2000), Mapping the History of Hangzhou and West-Lak (Hangzhou: Zhejiang People’s Press, 2000), World Heritage Perspective on Historic Street—Case Study on Shaoxing Ancient City (Beijing: Zhonghua Press. 2010), Geography and History: Bridging the Divide (Alan.R.H.Baker, Cambridge University, 2003, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2008).

Director of research program: World Heritage Perspective on Mining Heritage—Case Study on Zhejiang Province (funded by Chinese National Natural Science Funding, 2010-2012).