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2006 Award of Distinction

Bund 18

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Set in China’s most prominent urban showcase of modern heritage and one of Asia’s most desirable real estate locations, the 1923 neo-classical Bund 18 has been adapted into a high-end commercial building to the highest level of technical standards. Careful survey of the original building fabric provided a basis for removing later additions, restoring the structure and layout, cleaning and consolidating finishes and decorative features. New partitions and fittings essential for the commercial functioning of the building were designed in a tasteful modern vocabulary, which juxtapose well with the historic interior. The conversion of China’s first foreign-capital bank has been accomplished through a successful partnership between international technical experts and local Chinese specialists and craftspersons, using a marriage of modern conservation techniques and local building traditions. The project’s prominent location and subsequent popularity promise not only to redefine the modern face of Shanghai, but also to establish a new benchmark for technical sophistication, conservation rigour as well as commercial success.