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2006 Award of Merit

Sir JJ School of Art Building

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The restoration of the Sir JJ School of Art Building has reinvigorated India’s premier art educational institution, saving it from a steady physical and academic decline. Thorough restoration of the building envelope has consolidated the Neo-Gothic façade, using locally-devised techniques such as low-pressure water misting. The physical restoration works have been coupled by an ambitious programme to revive the school’s academic calibre, which has succeeded in re-animating the institution’s historic educational mission.  Through active fund raising and advocacy efforts, the Friends of JJ School of Art public trust galvanized widespread support from both the private and public sectors. Notably, monies from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme used to support heritage for the very first time, setting a welcome precedent. The project is to be commended for employing a very clear process, excellent documentation, and an authentic palette of local building materials and technologies.  The careful transfer of this conservation know-how to the local public works department will ensure that the impact of this project will be keenly felt in the future restoration of Mumbai’s rich Victorian heritage.