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2006 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation



Perth Town Hall Refurbishment

The conservation and adaption of the Perth Town Hall, externally and internally, aimed to convert the ground floor into an appropriate entry for the Town Hall and the wider heritage precinct beyond the Town Hall. As a result of the project, the facilities of the town hall have been upgraded for conferences, performances, banquets and special events. The historic layout and building fabric of the town hall have been restored and interpreted in order to recapture the historic character of the place.







The Walsh Bay Redevelopment

In the early 1980s, Walsh Bay's landmark features, the wharves and their attached shore sheds, were suffering from the combined forces of age, neglect and vandalism. With the exception of Pier4/5, the wharves and shore sheds had not been used for many years. Amidst public outcry over the state of the buildings, the ultimate owner of the site, the NSW Government, began the search for a developer capable of taking on the formidable task of saving and revitalizing this important and valuable part of Sydney.



Unley Urban Morphology

In 2004, the City of Unley commissioned a study to define the residential character and heritage of Unley's housing. This morphological study examined the evolution of the physical forms in Unley in order to find patterns that could explain Unley's character and define its heritage. The Unley Urban Morphology (Residential Character and Heritage Definition Study) encompassed over 16,000 residences within Unley, and assessed the cultural, social, historical and architectural significance of each and every property.