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2006 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation


Thamel House Restaurant, Kathmandu
Thamel House Restaurant is an outstanding example of the traditional architecture of the Kathmandu Valley from the Malla period.  This well-conserved building was originally built as a residence and was later converted by the present owner into a restaurant serving authentic Nepali and Newari food in a traditional setting. The conservation work was carried out in two phases with minimum alteration to the integrity of the original structure. With a total project area of approximately 330 square meters, Thamel House Restaurant is one of the handful of old buildings that now exist in this formerly quiet suburban area and serves as a landmark with its intact facade.





Kohiti Stone Spout, Kathmandu
The Kohiti stone spout is located in a residential area, serving the local community as the perennial source of water for daily use.  The ancient stone water spouts and conduits in the Kathmandu Valley are an exemplary reflection of the sophisticated vernacular urban infrastructure, and also express the rich tradition of craftsmanship of the local inhabitants.   Occupying a total site area of approximately 73 square meters, the Kohiti stone spout is located about 2.5 meters below the road level, being accessed by stairs from the northern side.  The main aim of conserving this monument is to preserve its original form and to ensure the continuity of its function so as to maintain its socio-cultural importance.