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2006 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation

Sri Lanka

Nugawela Walauwa Manor House, Kandy
This project undertook the restoration of a manor house in Kandy in order to uncover its historical significance. Nugawela Walauwa is a historic manor built in 1884 as the ancestral home of an aristocratic Sri Lankan chieftain family which held high offices in government and religion.  The new owner of this manor is a Sri Lankan family which acquired this property in July 2004 and has spearheaded every aspect of the renovation project. The project aims to conserve the building while adapting it to a contemporary economic use and educating large numbers of tourists by converting the property into a boutique hotel. The first and most urgent aspect was to restore the leaking roof, adapting the upper floor to a new use, restoration the towers. However, in line with more contemporary use, toilets were added to every room. The final phase was repair of the finer architectural details, flooring, furnishing, lighting, and fittings.