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2006 Awards Jury Commendation for Innovation Entries


Cheng Fang’s Former Residence, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
This project concerns the preservation of Cheng Fang's former residence in Zhuhai and its adaptation into a vernacular museum and a tourist attraction. The residence has served as a place for remembrance of famous people and events in the history of Zhuhai since it was restored five years ago, and it has been appointed as a local monument of Guangdong province. The innovation program includes new construction and upgrading of the surrounding environment.


Lei Cheng UK Han Tomb Museum, Hong Kong SAR
The Lei Cheng UK Han Tomb Museum is built at a tomb site dating back to the Han Dynasty (AD 25-220), which is the oldest structure found in Hong Kong.  Since its discovery in 1955 during the leveling of a hill slope for development of Lei Cheng UK Resettlement Housing Estate, it was protected with cement under an earth mound. However, the tomb sits uncomfortably with the surrounding housing development. Accepting such constraints as found, the new structure performed the function of controlling visually the vista and ambience of the tomb from its hostile surrounding.


Si Ming Gong Suo/Public House, Shanghai
In front of the 100-meter tall Ning Shou Mansion building stood the 200-year old archway of Si Ming Gong Suo. It is the only surviving component of the former public house of Ningbo people who lived and died in Shanghai. In order to rescue this delicate historical relic, the designers of Ning Shou Mansion launched a self-funded project to repair and preserve the archway. The lower floors of Ning Shou Mansion are linked with the archway to form an open town square creating a brand new public space.