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2007 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation



The Bonython Hall, Adelaide

The Bonython Hall serves as the great hall of the University of Adelaide. It was built between 1933-1936 by Sir John Langdon Bonython to meet the university's need for an assembly hall. The Tudor Gothic hall is constructed in masonry similar to the medieval structure of the great halls of early British universities. In 2005, conservation work was begun to improve comfort and safety for university staff, students and visitors while carefully maintaining its cultural heritage significance, as embodied in the internal and external fabric of building. The Bonython Hall was listed in the South Australian Heritage Register in 1980, underscoring its architectural, social and educational heritage values.

The Establishment, Sydney

Located on the main street of Sydney's Central Business District, the Establishment was built in 1892. It is a typical 19th-century multi-story commercial building and was built together with a retail emporium and a warehouse. In 1998, fires began simultaneously in separate sections of the building. After a while, the new owner decided to renovate and refurbish it as the Establishment Hotel. This was completed in 2000. The Establishment was listed as a Heritage Item on the City of Sydney Local Environment Plan in 2000 which marks a significant turning point in public and political attitudes to heritage and the built environment.