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2007 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation



Altit Settlement, District Gilgit

The village of Altit is located at the foot of the old Altit Fort. With a history dating back over 900 years, it is known for its characteristic Hunza Valley urban architecture. Threatened by decay, the village was restored as a pilot intervention that has demonstrated the feasibility of preserving and rehabilitating such historic settlements, so that people can sustain life at contemporary standards in harmony with the traditional built environment. The project was completed in 2004 through a partnership between NGOs, government and the local community.

Astana of Syed Mir Yahya, District Skardu

The Astana of Syed Mir Yahya was built in 1118. The wooden building was constructed with ornate workmanship, reflecting the devotion and spiritual affiliation of the resident Nurbakhshi community. Prior to restoration, the structure was in dilapidated condition and had nearby collapsed. Restoration of the Astana was started in 2005 by the local community through partnership with the Aga Khan Cultural Service of Pakistan. The project succeeded by using cultural heritage as a tool to promote sustainable development.