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2007 Awards Jury Commendation for Innovation Entries



The Béthanie, Hong Kong SAR

Built in 1875, the Béthanie is located in Pokfulam and was used as a sanatorium for the past century. The building was later used by a dairy farm and the University of Hong Kong before being returned to the Hong Kong Government. In 2000, the restoration was started which integrated newly-built structures into the historic building. The project sought to reveal the qualities of the neo-Gothic architecture and the social significance of the over 150-year-old building.


Whitfield Barracks, Hong Kong SAR

The Whitfield Barracks, originally built in the 1910s, served for military purposes until the 1960s. It was later converted into the Old Hong Kong Museum of History in the 1980s. The project started in 2003. Affecting about 4,000 square meters, it proposed an innovative re-introduction of the open space and a reconfiguration for new uses. The project revitalized the old barracks and old museum by removing inappropriate elements, renewing the old construction and upgrading the services in the buildings. The project was completed in 2005 and has been re-used as the Heritage Discovery Center up until now.