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2008 Award of Excellence

Stadium Merdeka

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The restoration of Stadium Merdeka, the iconic setting of the announcement of Malayan independence, has saved a national heritage building and recovered a nation’s collective memory. Originally slated for redevelopment into a commercial complex, the Stadium has been restored to its original 1957 form in recognition of the inextricable connection between the building and the historic moment of independence. Later additions, notably the upper tiers, were carefully removed and the original structure and aesthetics of the building were reinstated, demonstrating a thorough understanding and respect for the significance of the Stadium at a specific moment in history and a recognition of the heritage value of modern architecture. The privately-funded rescue effort spearheaded by Permodalan Nasional Berhad, with professional assistance from Badan Warisan Malaysia, serves as a stirring inspiration for civil society around the region in safeguarding heritage sites as part of a shared social and political responsibility.