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2009 Award of Distinction

Ali Gohar House

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The restoration of the Ali Gohar house has saved the former house of the village lord and retained its significance in the community by transforming it into a center showcasing the living heritage of the historic settlement of Ganish. As a multi-purpose space housing a tourist information center, a house museum, a center for artists and artisans, and a community meeting hall, the social vitality and economic sustainability of the house is ensured. The conservation works were undertaken as part of a larger village-wide upgrade of the historic buildings and infrastructure, thus integrating this historically important showpiece building into the larger urban landscape.  Through a combination of international conservation protocols and local building technologies, the building has been thoroughly documented and stabilized, and modern facilities inserted with sensitivity. The use of indigenous materials and the careful reuse of original building parts provide a noteworthy example of the continued effectiveness of traditional technologies, countering the growing fashion for imported construction materials and often-inappropriate alien construction techniques. Spearheaded by the Ganish Khun Heritage Care and Social Welfare Society and undertaken with the active involvement of the villagers, the project has had a catalytic impact on the growing movement favouring community-led conservation of local heritage in northern Pakistan.