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2009 Award of Distinction

Hanok Regeneration in Bukchon

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The Hanok Regeneration project initiated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in cooperation with neighborhood stakeholders has brought about a striking change in people’s attitudes to the city’s traditional residential quarters. With successful collaboration among the municipality, community members, academics and civil society, the large-scale project has raised awareness about the heritage value of the hanok and proven that they are viable as modern housing.  The formerly dilapidated Bukchon area has been revitalized through designation as an urban conservation district and comprehensive measures providing financial and technical support to homeowners in restoring the buildings.  Incompatible modern accretions have been removed and each house has been sensitively restored to its historic form.  By involving the community through all stages of the process, the project has secured local long-term commitment to safeguarding the hanok, thereby preserving an important traditional Korean architectural legacy  and inspiring  other cities around the country.