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2009 Awards Entries for Culture Heritage Conservation



Heritage Factory Outlet, Bandung

The Neo-classical structure was built by a Dutch colonial administrator as a residence between 1910 and 1920. The building served as a residence until 1980, when it was bought by a chemical company, becoming, in turn, a tourist transportation centre, the offices of the British Institute, and most recently a restaurant. The new owners have undertaken its conservation in order to convert the structure into a factory outlet for the local garment industry, with an attached cafe. The colonnaded porch and the original tilework have all been carefully preserved, air-conditioning installed, and the original wooden doors replaced with identical modern copies.

Living Museum Town, Sawahlunto, Sumatra

The chief industry of Sawahlunto during the Dutch colonial period was coal mining. During the early twentieth century the industry gave rise to a distinctive landscape comprising a train station, workers barracks, an industrial kitchen, and administrative offices all associated with the mining. The Town of Sawahlunto has resolved to restore these structures to create a living museum memorializing the important role of the mining industry in the history of the settlement. The conservation effort has focused particularly on the historic downtown area and the mining facilities themselves.

Roemahkoe Heritage Hotel, Surakarta, Java

The Roemahkoe (“My Home”) Heritage Hotel was originally the residence of the Poesposoemarto family, one of the many wealthy batik entrepreneurs of Surakarta (Solo) until the 1960s. The teakwood, brick and lime mortar house was built in 1938 in mixed Art Deco and traditional Javanese style, and features an elaborate stained-glass krobongan wedding shrine in the central dalem or hall. Batik production also took place within the domestic compound. In recent years the roof and sections of the walls had been damaged primarily by monsoon weather. The new owner stabilized the roof and re-pointed the walls as necessary. The house was refitted with period furniture as a hotel.