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Network Activities

To foster the implementation of the network principles, the AAHM secretariat undertakes a range of activities. In addition to secretariat activities, members have identified eight focus areas and formed collaborative working groups to innovate and implement complementary activities. The activities implemented or planned within the network include:

Improving professional training and enhancing management capacity in fields related to culture heritage

  • Postgraduate training through on-site field schools and virtual courses

  • Certifying in-field practitioners through the cultural heritage specialist guide programme and museum management training programme  

  • Executive development for decision-makers 

  • Training-of-trainer programes 

  • Student internship programme 

Fostering exchange of professional knowledge and resources

  • Research programmes and publications 
  • Online virtual library for heritage management resources 
  • Awards programme for outstanding student work

Documenting best practices in managing heritage resources

  • Exchange programmes for students and professors 
  • Online database of heritage management experts