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Network Activities

Certifying in-field practitioners

Asian Academy institutional members develop courses which would allow in-field practitioners to upgrade their skills.  The courses are to be developed in response to an assessment of needs in the region, which can be conducted with the input of local Asian Academy members and concerned governmental agencies.  The courses result in joint certification by the host institution and the Asian Academy. The courses may be offered either intramurally at one of the member institutions, on-line or long-distance.

A training and certification programme for qualified heritage site managers is being developed by the relevant working group.   The programme will focus on developing holistic managerial skills for site managers, which includes technical issues, strategic planning and community outreach.

The first course titled Cultural Heritage Specialist Guide Programme has been developed by the Institute for Tourism Studies (Macao SAR, China).  Setting new standards in the Asia-Pacific region, this programme aims to raise professional capacity in guiding visitors to heritage sites, in particular World Heritage sites, in order to provide the highest level of visitor experience, to raise awareness about conservation issues and to foster the long-term sustainability of these sites....
Secondly, a Museum Capacity Building Programme for Asia and the Pacific is being developed. The programme aims to equip museum professionals with certified, practical skills in museology. Other aims are to improve the career prospects for accredited museum professionals, enhance visitor experience and establish sustainable links with existing cultural heritage management training programmes and institutions in the area. The programme is currently in the needs assessment phase....[More]