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Field Schools

Macao 2003

Final group reports

On day 4 of the field school, participants went on a field trip to “Street of Happiness” (Rua da Felicidade), a former red-light district that is now a respectable commercial-cum-residential area. The district has been conserved as part of a conservation initiative. This heritage place was the focus of the group work during the rest of the school. 
At the end of the school, each group of participants gave a 20 minute presentation on its plans for sustainable conservation of “Street of Happiness”.  

Group 1:

Presentation:  The Spirit of Recreation: Towards an Integrated Conservation Management Plan 

Participants:  Mr. WONG Im Kun (William), Mr. Jonathan SWEET, Ms. Natsuko AKAGAWA Sofia, Ms. Shinobu Yume YAMAGUCHI, Ms. Vishakha Nee Amruta KAWATHEKAR

Group 2:

Presentation: Road to Happiness Project

Participants: Ms. Clarissa AVENDAÑO, Ms. Ing Ping CHIA, Mr. PONGSERMPOL Chotewit, Mr. Rozanno RUFINO (Butch), Mr. Dilli Raj SHARMA, Ms. YIP Ho Sze Kennis

Group 3:

Presentation: Paradigm Shift, a long-term proposal: Redevelopment for Happiness Street

Participants: Ms. Maria Lourdes Joy MARTINEZ ONOZAWA, Ms. Karina ARIFIN, Mr. QUE Weimin, Mr. Tian LENG, Ms. Joungah LEE, Mr. John KOCH-SCHULTE, Mr. HO Pui Kei (Jay)

Group 4:

Presentation: Street of Happiness: A Destination….A Journey 

Participants: Mr. Raymond CHAN, Ms. Fatima Nicetas RABANG-ALONZO, Ms. LIM Ee Lin, Ms. Shahida PERVIN, Mr. Tehung YANG, Mr. Rong ZHANG