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AAHM Research Conference "Asian Approaches to Conservation"

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On 3 and 4 October 2006, the AAHM in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University held its first AAHM Research Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, an academic event that fostered the exchange of knowledge, information and views among researchers and experts in the field of conservation and heritage management. Participants from 13 nations presented 24 research papers on the theme of “Asian Approaches to Conservation” at the two-day research conference. The presentations were followed by discussions that focused on issues such as the practical application of proposals in the Asia-Pacific region; community participation; technology and conservation; tourism and heritage management; heritage law; human rights and intangible cultural heritage. The conference programme was completed with a field visit to the National Discovery Museum, a site in Bangkok that demonstrates the complexity of a conservation process. Chulalongkorn University will publish the proceedings of the conference shortly.

Programme of the conference and the list of participants are available.