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Curriculum Development Workshop

The inaugural Asian Academy Field School was organized in Macao in 2003 on the topic of “Conserving Asia’s Built Heritage: An Integrated Management Approach".  The Macao field school set a high standard for upcoming field schools, but also provided lessons for future field schools.  The March 2004 Strategy Meeting pointed out the need for comprehensive planning for Asian Academy field schools and affiliated field schools in order for diverse field schools to complement each other and to serve needs within the existing regular programme curricula offered in the region. 

This Curriculum Development Workshop, held in October 2004, provided representatives from Asian Academy member institutions and affiliates an opportunity to address the following objectives:

  1. To review the pedagogical lessons learned in the 2003 Field School
     - Review 2003 syllabus, curriculum package, student work
  2. To develop guidelines for field school curricula, including learning objectives, scope of syllabus, teaching methods
  3. To develop linkages between field school curricula and regular programme offerings
    - Identify strategies for developing field school materials into teaching/learning resources available for general use
  4. To develop a regional framework for coordinating field school curricula for pipeline Asian Academy and affiliated field schools planned for 2005-7
    - Identify and prioritize field school topics and sites



The agenda of the Workshop can be downloaded here

List of Participants

The list of participants can be downloaded here.

The minutes of the Workshop can be downloaded here