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The four-phase project on “Culture Heritage Management and Tourism: Models for Co-operation among Stakeholders” (CHMT) was implemented from 1999-2003 with the participation of the following eight pilot sites:


  • Bhaktapur, Nepal (part of Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site)
  • Hoi An World Heritage Site, Viet Nam
  • Kandy World Heritage Site, Sri Lanka
  • Levuka World Heritage Site, Fiji
  • Lijiang World Heritage Site, China
  • Luang Prabang World Heritage Site, Lao PDR
  • Melaka Tentative List site, Malaysia
  • Vigan World Heritage SIte, Philippines

    Within the backdrop of booming tourism development in the region, the project developed mechanisms for cooperation amongst stakeholders, ranging from state governments to local community members. Through enhanced cooperation, the sites have created the institutional framework for a sustainable cultural tourism industry that is beneficial to all and preserves the heritage resources of the community. The project has resulted in the development and implementation of site-specific strategies for all the pilot historic towns, as well as the Lijiang Models for Cooperation Among Stakeholders, which can be applied throughout the region.