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1. Issues related to tourism


• Insufficient signage
• Lack of heritage interpreters
• No statistic data about domestic tourist arrival


ACTION to tackle these issues

Expand scope of tourist service section


• Train twenty five heritage interpreters
• Install twelve signage
• Start registering domestic tourists

Time frame: Jan. 2002 to December 2002


2. Issues related to heritage education


• Inadequate involvement of the local youth
• Indifferent attitude of community




• Heritage education to twenty five school teachers
• Educate fifty NGOs and club members
• Adult education (cont.)
• Study tour for council members (one study tour)
• Training of twelve municipal staffs

Time frame: Jan. 2002 – December 2002


3. Issues related to economic activities


• Lack of benefit from conservation to local people
• Endangered traditional skills and crafts




• Financial subsidy (2.5 mil. ….., US 34000)
• Technical advice
• Promote adaptive two reuse houses into bed and breakfast/ guest houses
• Promote and train twenty local people in handling traditional skills and crafts

Time frame: continue


4. Issues related to conservation plan


• Non-declaration of historic city core as conservation zone
• Only three squares and connecting road in declared as conservation area (enlisted WHS)




• Declaration of whole heritage city as WHS – cultural city
• Lobby politicians (MP) and central government agencies

Time frame: Jan 2002 to December 2002


Expected tourist arrival in


2001 June to 2002 June =180,000-190,000


Expected revenue

Municipal budget

NRs 80,000,000.00
US$ 1,150,000.00



From central government + other taxes 53%

Tourist service charge
From Jan. 2001 – US$ 10.00