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This plan should be considered a proposal only. All changes have to decide upon by our superiors.


The existing vision is considered good and not yet accomplished. It will be upheld. Minor revisions will be assessed when the plan is finalized.

The four actions from the former plan will be continued, with some amendments and some additions.


Action 1: Flagship Action

Increase income and redistribution among the people of Hoi An.


Use of the 4 models:

This point primarily relates to model 1 (fiscal management), but also to model 3 (education and employment), and model 4 (conflict resolution is likely to be used).



The aim and efforts from phase I will be continued.
In addition we have to proposals.
Since our way to influence people in the new street is to advise and encourage but not to enforce, we will consider making:

  • Some guide for people who want to establish businesses in Nguyen Thai Hoc street (investment guide)
    Based on facts and figures from existing situation we shall try to encourage people to think new instead of replicating what already exists. The advice will relate to traditional as well as new businesses.
  • We may consider to encourage the tailor in Hoi An to jointly rise the prices since they are among the best and cheapest in Asia
  • The cultural events existing such as the full moon night will continue to benefit all. An analysis of Hoi An’s local culture is being done, and will be used in consideration of use of cultural capital

ACTION 2: Children’s education and children following tourists

Use of models:

This point is primarily related to model 3 (community education and employment), but also to model 1 in a long term perspective (fiscal management) and involves model 3 (conflict resolution)


Education had to be a long-term investment and will continue. Special training for the children in need will be continued.

The roots of the problem is poverty, and many children come from the surrounding villages.

In addition to what is going on, the following will be proposed:

  • Recruiting children’s heroes (singers, football players, etc.) to meet with and talk to the children to convince them to stop pestering tourists
  • Put up signs in and outside of Hoi An to advice the tourists how to behave when being followed. This information could also be put in brochures etc.
  • Use of media, TV, radio, etc. that the children and their parents may listen to

ACTION 3: Making Hoi An known to the world

Use of models:

This may turn out to model 1, 2 and 3, and probably model 4 as well.



Hoi An has a good website being used by approximately 138,000 people this year. The problem is that the price for being on Internet and updating it is extraordinarily high.



Expertise from abroad and from inside Viet Nam will be consulted to find a better solution.


New challenge

Graham Green’s book: Quiet American, with Michael Cane has recently been shot in Hoi An and is likely to be launched in the near future. This will expose Hoi An to large parts of the world, probably in an attractive way. If Hoi An wants to take control of this situation to their advantage, this can mean a lot to the town, and more rich and well-educated tourists will come. This film will be a chance for a most spectacular marketing of Hoi An if we met in a professional way. It requires quick action.


Proposal dependent upon financing.


Time schedule

The time schedule proposed up until the end of February can be followed. The period of implementation has to be assessed when final plan is accepted by superiors.


ACTION 4: Donor’s support

Use of models: relates to model 1 and 3

Actions will be continued along the same lines as previously. No new initiatives foreseen.


In order for Hoi An ton to take advantage of this promising potential, professional experts will be consulted to advice and make a project plan on how to take advantage of this situation in such a way that it can benefit the population and cultural heritage of Hoi An.


The plan may consider inviting journalists from all over the world to Hoi An, inviting the film company to invest special arrangements, etc.


A preliminary budget will need to be presented at an early stage.