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Vision statement

To protect the unique cultural resources of Melaka historic city by fostering a healthy collaboration among the stakeholders in the development of a sustainable tourism industry.

Cultural capital

Monuments, sites and legacy of harmonious living between the major communities, namely the straits-born Chinese (Baba), straits-born Indians (Chitty), Malay-Arab/Malay-Indian and Portuguese

Overall strategy

To bring back community life along Temple street, Goldsmith street and Blacksmith street (Harmony street) centered around various places of worship which in turn will improve the role of the local communities in the decision making process of future development within the historic city core.



  • Implementation of interpretive centers: to seek funding from related government agencies. Ex. Ministry of
  • Culture, Arts and Tourism, Department of Museums and Antiquities and Melaka State Government
  • Revenue capture from parking, public toilets and hawker stalls constructed by the Melaka Municipality (in the action area) and possible introduction of voucher system for visits to cultural attractions
  • Incentives: certain percentage of quit rent to be transferred into revolving fund for conservation (under consideration by the municipality)
  • Revision of the Antiquities Act 1976 to include matters pertaining to urban heritage, focusing on area conservation


  • Training and certification of local communities as tourist guides – by March 2002
  • Developing code of conduct for tourism industry (ex. “Mesra Malaysia” Programmed under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism)


  • Development of interpretative centers at Chen Hoon Teng Temple, Kampong Keling Mosque, Kampong Hulu Mosque, Chitty Temple and Chong Hoe hotel complimented by restoration project/resource center at Heeren Street by Heritage Trust – in 6 months
  • Improvement of living condition of local communities (through Agenda 21 Programme and State Healthy City Programme) – year 2002-2005
  • Training of local communities in traditional skills/performing arts – in 12 months
  • Development of ‘incubators’ for small scale local business (through Department of Entrepreneurs Development and Department of community Development) – 18 months


  • Improving effectiveness of State Conservation Committee and Municipal Conservation Committee and to strengthen collaboration among relevant agencies
  • Increasing role and representation of Melaka Heritage Trust and Melaka Historical Society, Melaka Chapter
  • Improving public awareness programme (through public education, campaigns, brochures, Heritage Day’ and mass media)