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UNESCO Conference/Workshop on
Culture Heritage Management and Tourism
Lijiang, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China
8 - 18 October 2001
Conference venue: Lijiang International Ethnic Cultural Exchange Centre


Day 1
8 October 2001

8:30 AM

Opening Ceremonies 

Introduction of dignitaries
Ricardo L. Favis

Master of Ceremonies

Welcome address 
He Liang Hui 
Governor of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County

Opening remarks 
He Zi Xing
Deputy Governor of Lijiang Prefecture

Opening remarks 
Chen Xi Cheng
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Construction of Yunnan Province

Opening remarks 
Kris Endresen 

Director of the Nordic World Heritage Office

Opening remarks 
Richard Engelhardt 

UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific 

10:30 AM

Cultural performace

12:00 Noon


1:30 PM

Plenary session

Intorduction to conference objectives, model building and expected outcome

Introcduction to purpose of workshop
Richard Engelhardt 

Keynote presentation:
The Main Street Programme: a Model of Community Involvement 
Joshua Bloom

2:30 PM

Building tourism and heritage stakeholder models
Walter Jamieson, clinic coordinator

Expert presentation on ‘building models for fiscal management of heritage conservation, maintenance and development at the municipal level’
John Ap, model-building guide

Expert presentation on ‘building models for involvement and investment by the tourism industry in the sustainability of the culture heritage resource base and supporting infrastructure’
Elizabeth Vines, model-building guide

Expert presentation on ‘building models for community education and skills training leading to employment in the heritage conservation and culture tourism sectors, with emphasis on opportunities for women and youth’
Graham Brooks, model-building guide 

Expert presentation on ‘building models for conflict resolution among tourism promoters, property developers, local residents and heritage conservationists’
Amita Baig, model-building guide

4:30 PM-

Field study: Historic District of Dayan Town, a World Heritage Site 

6:30 PM

Loh Lim Lin Lee, head rapporteur
Heather Peters, Lijiang field study logistics coordinator
Siglinde Gauer-Leitze, student coordinator 

Introduction to Dayan Field Study
Zhou Hong, Deputy Director of Lijiang County 

Participants chose one of the following six thematic itineraries of the
field study. Each group met with local residents to discuss following


commercial activities within historic districts: striking a balance between servicing the needs of tourists and the local community 
Team leader: He Xue Yong, Party Secretary of Dayan Town 
Rapporteur: Ivan Ho Chi Ching


dispersal of economic benefits from tourism:
new opportunities in historic district development 
Team leader: He Ping Sheng, Director of Lijiang Office of Tourism
Rapporteur: Rosa Lok So Fun


community consultation and participation in heritage preservation
Team leader: Si Jin Yun, Director of Lijiang Office of Construction
Rapporteur: Veronica Luk Luk Yin


revitalization of local arts and crafts to cater to tourism industry
Team leader: Yang Yue Ru, Lijiang Office of Commerce
Rapporteur: Pamela Ho


assessing the impact of tourism on lifestyle 
Team leader: He Jian Fang, Mayor of Dayan Town 
Rapporteur: Wong Pui Kee


assessing the impact of tourism on built heritage
Team leader: Li Xi, Director of the Naxi Dongba Cultural Museum
Rapporteur: Anne Lee Siu Tin

7:30 PM

Welcome Banquet
Venue: Jade Dragon Garden Hotel