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Day 11
18 October 2001 


Theme for the day:
Presentation and adoption of models


8:30 AM

Introduction on the day’s theme





Richard Engelhardt



Presentation of final models:




Models for fiscal management of heritage conservation,
maintenance and development at the municipal level





Lynne DiStefano
Esperanza Gatbonton

model-building guide/presentors




Models for involvement and investment by the tourism
industry in the sustainability of the culture heritage resource base and supporting infrastructure





Graham Brooks
Champika Senadheerage

model-building guide/presentors




Models for community education and skills training leading to employment in the heritage conservation and culture tourism sectors, with emphasis on opportunities for women and youth





Ferdinand Lamarca
Suliana Sandys

model-building guide/presentors




Models for consensus building (conflict resolution) among tourism promoters, property developers, local residents and heritage conservationists





Gurmeet Singha Rai
Jayantha Bulumulla
model-building guide/presentors


11:00 AM 

Presentation on the World Bank draft policy on culture
impact assessment




Arlene Fleming
Ian Campbell


11:30 AM





Richard Engelhardt 


12:00 Noon 



2:00 PM -

Closing Ceremony


4:00 PM 






Introduction of honoured guest




Ricardo L. Favis
Master of ceremonies



ICOMOS International Message
The International Council of Monuments and Sites




Graham Brooks
Chairman of ICOMOS Cultural Tourism Committee



ICCROM Message
The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and  Restoration of Cultural Property




Nobuko Inaba 
Project Manager, Heritage Settlements Programme



Presentation of Reports on the Conduct of the Workshop





Report on the conference/workshop
Richard Engelhardt



Report on the models for co-operation





Amita Baig, Heritage Management Consultant 



Report on the field studies





Roy Tan, Project Manager of Construction Company



Report on the Lijiang action plan 





Zhou Hong, Deputy Governor of Lijiang County



Presentation of the Lijiang conference reports to the Governor of Lijiang County





Richard Engelhardt 



Presentation of UNESCO LEAP Awards 2001





Richard Engelhardt



UNESCO Local Effort and Preservation Partner
Recognition of Commitment 




Lijiang (China) received by 





Zhou Hong, Deputy Governor of Lijiang County 




Bhaktapur (Nepal) received by





Prem Suwal, Mayor of Bhaktapur 




Hoi An (Viet Nam) received by





Tran Anh, Director of the Hoi An monuments Management
and Preservation for Hoi An




Kandy (Sri Lanka) received by





Jayantha Bulumulla, Municipal Commissioner of Kandy




Levuka (Fiji) received by





Viane Amato Ali, Director of the National Trust for Fiji




Luang Prabang (Lao PDR) received by





Soukan Bounnhong, Director, National Tourism Authority
of Luang Prabang 




Melaka (Malaysia) received by





Roy Tan




Vigan (Philippines) received by





Eva Marie S. Medina, Mayor of Vigan 



UNESCO Local Effort and Preservation Partner
Special Achievement Awards




Kim Bong Village Woodcarving Workshop




in Hoi An, Viet Nam, received by





Tran Van Nhan, Director, Tourist Guide Office of Hoi An




Rehabilitation of Traditional Mustart See Oil Mills 




in Khokana, Nepal, received by





Surya Sangacche, Member Secretary of the Kathmandu Valley Development Committee in Nepal




Rehabilitation of Mosque Community Housing Project




in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, received by





Lim Huck Chin, Member of the Penang Heritage Trust



UNESCO Special Awards of Appreciation received by




Mu Cong Gen, Director of the Lijiang county People’s Congress



Announcement onthe Honorary Citizenship of Lijiang to be
awarded to Richard Engelhardt




He Shi Hua, Director of the Lijiang County People’s Congress



Presentation of the Honorary Citizenship of Lijiang to 
Richard Engelhardt




He Liang Hui, Governor of Lijiang County



Presentation of Commemorative Gifts from the Lijiang County




Yang Ting Ren, Party Secretary of Lijiang County 



Vote of Thanks




Prem Suwal, Mayor of Bhaktapur (Nepal)
Eva Marie S. Medina, Mayor of Vigan (Philippines)



Concluding Remarks




Synnove Vinsrygg, Senior International Advisor, 
Nordic World Heritage Office



Closing Statements




Richard Engelhardt 
UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific


6:30 PM

Farewell Banquet



Venue: Jian Nan Chun Hotel in the Ancient Town of Dayan






Ricardo L. Favis
project coordinator / master of ceremonies

Walter Jamieson
clinic coordinator

Amita Baig
Elizabeth Vines
action plan coordinators

Loh Lim Lin Lee
head rapporteur, field studies

John Ap
Laurence Loh
Graham Brooks
Amita Baig
model-building guides