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Day 7


Theme :

14 October 2001 


Field study of Lijiang’s living cultural heritage


Loh Lim Lin Lee, head rapporteur
Heather Peters, Lijiang field study logistics coordinator
Sieglinde Gauer-Lietz, student coordinator 


8:30 AM –Noon

Free, but with the option to visit the glacier park at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: 


1:30 PM

Field studies in:




Lashi Lake Protected Area and surrounding Naxi Communities




He Xiu Chong, Mayor of La Shi, host 
Liu Da Chang, The Nature Conservancy, facilitator
Dani Benjamin Ishak, expert in tourism
Rosalina Napitupulu, expert in heritage




Bai Sha, Shang (upper) Shu He and Xia (lower) Shu He villages




Graham Bullock, the Nature Conservancy, facilitator
Billie Chow, expert in tourism
Lim Huck Chin, expert in heritage




Yu Hu Village, Joseph Rock Museum and EcoResort




A traditional Dongba ceremony will be staged at Yu Hu
Huang Zhongxin, Director of EcoResort, facilitator
Boey Yut Mei, expert in tourism
Yeh Ting Fun, expert in heritage




Conference/workshop participants were divided into three fixed groups. Each group had the opportunity to visit the other two field study sites in the afternoons of 15 and 16 October.




Dinner with local residents