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The objective of this project is to open and structure avenues of communication between the tourism industry and those responsible for the conservation and maintenance of cultural heritage properties. By developing and testing models for the preservation of heritage and development of tourism as a local resource, the aim is to form mutually-beneficial alliances that will be both economically profitable and socially acceptable to local inhabitants and other stakeholders.




The project is expected to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism industries through by introducing--


  • Models for fiscal management of heritage conservation, maintenance and development at a municipal level — achieved through overview of current income generating mechanisms and identification and utilisation of new opportunities.

  • Models for investment by the tourism industry in the sustainability of the culture heritage resource base — achieved through education of tourism operators on the value of culture heritage and by formulating means by which the tourism industry can contribute to preservation activities.

  • Models for community education and skills training leading to employment in the heritage conservation and culture tourism sector, with an emphasis on opportunities for women and youth — achieved by identifying equipment applications and training needs and by designing programmes to meet these needs.Models for conflict resolution among tourism promoters property developers and heritage conservationists — achieved by encouraging group participation in the formulation of case studies and activity implementation, and by providing a structural venue where all stakeholders can raise and discuss their situations and concerns.