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The objectives of the IMPACT series are to:

  • Promote awareness of the value of heritage and the impacts that tourism can have on heritage;
  • Promote conservation of the natural and cultural resources which form the basis of the tourism product;
  • Promote responsible tourism at heritage sites and within living cultural landscapes;
  • Promote better management of tourism, for instance, in ensuring that the benefits of tourism are shared with the local residents at destination sites;
  • Provide guidance and information for tourism planners and heritage site managers to ensure that tourism serves as a tool for poverty alleviation and for sustainable development of the natural and cultural resources, while strengthening local traditions and cultural pride;
  • Encourage cooperation and information exchange between the heritage and tourism sectors through the use of best practice models;

The IMPACT series is aimed towards a wide audience, including tourism planners and managers, heritage site managers, tourism industry professionals (tourism-related businesses, local tour operators, guides, etc.), students and academics; policy makers; residents of towns affected by tourism; and tourists who are looking for a deeper cultural perspective on that site and its heritage.

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