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Conservation & Development Initiatives

By undertaking participatory action research in areas that are experiencing a rapid decline in natural resources such as old-growth forest, wildlife and non-timber forest products, the project team is working with local communities, provincial authorities and development agencies to identify opportunities to link village development activities with the conservation priorities of the Nam Ha NPA.

Ecotourism as an Alternative to Upland Rubber Cultivation in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Luang Namtha
Steven Schipani, Juth Pakai Journal, 8, April 2007.

This paper, written by Steven Schipani, UNESCO Senior Advisor for the Nam Ha Ecotourism Project, reports on the financial benefits that ecotourism is generating around the Nam Ha NPA, arguing that it generates financial benefits for local people while protecting the environment and culture of Lao PDR. Rubber may provide less profit and negatively affects national biodiversity. It is concluded that ecotourism activities and rubber plantations can both be conducted viably, but not in the same immediate areas.

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