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Gender Mainstreaming

Women participating in a guides' training

Both UNESCO and the Lao government place high importance on gender sensitive development strategies that consider the needs and aspirations of ethnic minorities, especially ethnic minority women. It is therefore a priority of the Nam Ha Project to recruit qualified women and ethnic minorities to fill positions as project advisors, trainers and managers, and increase the number of women involved in the operation of CBE activities. This issue will be addressed by setting attendance targets of 50% women, with a minimum of 20% ethnic minority women participants in project-sponsored trainings. The same targets have been set for other project activities. The project intends to mainstream gender related issues such as gender awareness, prevention of sexual exploitation and HIV/AIDS awareness into all relevant trainings, and will attempt to use local languages when necessary to effectively communicate with both men and women. The project will promote the value of girls’ education and attempt to introduce labor-reducing inputs as part of integrated conservation and development activities whenever feasible (e.g. village water systems). The project’s monitoring protocol will disaggregate data by gender and measure the level of both men and women’s involvement in CBE operation and management.