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Information and Promotion

Development of CBE-related information and promotional materials is being done with the assistance of the project team and project partners in a way that both conveys the importance heritage conservation and promotes Luang Namtha as an attractive destination for those interested in sustainable CBE activities.  The existing guidebook Trekking Gently in Luang Namtha and poster A Message from Your Local Host developed during phase I of the project have won praise from tour operators and host communities alike for delivering information in an attractive, culturally sensitive manner. During phase II, the project team will continue to provide technical advice to public agencies and private sector operators on the design and production of updated promotional materials.

Visitor Information Boards

To compliment the information in the major guide books regarding prices, transportation schedules, and interesting things to see and do in Luang Namtha, the project team has placed 6 information boards in strategic locations in Luang Namtha and Muang Sing at the request of the local tourism industry. These stations are also being used to post media aimed at raising cultural sensitivity and drug prevention.


Luang Namtha Brochures

In an effort to provide interesting, accurate information while promoting Luang Namtha and Muang Sing as a culturally and environmentally sustainable eco-tourism destination, the project team created a set of brochures which introduce the project and shorter day treks. A longer booklet has been written introducing the overnight trek.

Cultural Guidelines Poster

In cooperation with the European Commission Integrated Rural Development Project, the project team worked with participatory development experts to solicit ideas from villagers regarding the design and content of a poster intended to communicate information about culturally appropriate behavior to international tourists.

These are some examples of the poster’s messages.