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Brief History of the NPA (National Protected Area)

1980     Nam Ha area identified for provincial protected area


1993     Nam Ha area declared by decree 164/PM to be a NPA


1995     Nam Ha NPA approved by local and national authorities and funding agency to launch a project for management


1996     Field work implemented for socio-economic survey with cooperation between DFRC, province and WCS


1997     9 Pilot villages were selected and the wildlife habitat inventory was conducted. Initial discussion for trekking trail in Nam Ha West done


1998     First village (Ban Nalan) established community-based natural resource management rules 


1999     Land allocation is being done and the Nam Ha Project begins


2000-present      Land demarcation and land allocation carried out, signage installed. Community-based natural resource management rules are created by local people that live in and near the NPA’s boundaries. Most monitoring and management work in these areas is shifted to villagers, as village volunteers are identified and trained for monitoring and extension work with support from local government staff. NPA becomes a major destination for CBE in the country. Nam Ha NPA Entrance Permit introduced, fee is $1 per person/day.