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Biodiversity Values  
Tizard, et. al. (1997) identified the Southern Highlands zone, the Nam Kuaylong river valley and the spine of the Northern Highlands to contain relatively undisturbed evergreen forest and grasslands.  Mammals of significance are clouded leopard, leopard, and tiger.  There is a small population of gaur, Asian elephant, and a possibly unique muntjac species.  The bird fauna is diverse, although contains only a few species of global significance.  The area is thought to be botanically unique and diverse, although no thorough surveys have been conducted.  There are a wide variety of non-timber forest products, especially Aquilaria, which can still be found in the area.


Watershed Values 
The Nam Tha watershed is the first major tributary of the Mekong River after it enters Lao PDR.  It is an especially important watershed, used to support agricultural production and electricity generation along the Luang Namtha plain.


Cultural Values 
The area contains a diverse array of ethnic groups who are still highly dependent on the forest and NTFPs, and living relatively traditional lifestyles.


Recreation and Tourism Values 
The area has been identified by the National Tourism Authority of Lao as having high potential for both culture and nature tourism. Boating on the Nam Ha, Nam Fa and Namtha rivers, as well as trekking in the NPA is currently available. There is also an opportunity to explore caves in Vieng Phoukha and Long Districts.