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In addition to the national agencies implementing, supervising and coordinating the project, the Nam Ha Project team currently works in close cooperation with a number of international development partners to support CBE development in Luang Namtha. These include:


Asian Development Bank

The ADB is financing CBE development and upgrading the airport in Luang Namtha under the wider LNTA-ADB Mekong Tourism Development Project.



European Union

The European Union’s Micro Project Development through Local Communities Community-Based Ecotourism Programme in Vieng Phoukha is applying the Nam Ha Project’s CBE development approach in order to create jobs, generate income and raise conservation awareness in Vieng Phoukha district.

Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) Lao Programme

The Netherlands Development Organization SNV conducted a Situational Assessment of CBE operations and management in Luang Namtha during early 2005. Recommendations that came out of that assessment are being used to help guide the implementation of Phase II of the project.

GTZ Lao Programme

The German Development Agency GTZ is testing a model for public-private sector CBE development that brings together an international tour company, inbound tour operator and Akha villages in Muang Sing.



Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

WCS works with the Nam Ha team on biodiversity threat monitoring and the development of guide training modules related to interpretation of the Nam Ha NPA’s flora and fauna.