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Young People's World Heritage Education

About the Project

The World Heritage Education project was launched in 1994 by the UNESCO under the title: Young People's Participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion.  

The project seeks to encourage and enable tomorrow's decision-makers to participate in heritage conservation locally and globally, and to mobilize youth to respond to the continuing threats facing the survival of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. 

Through this project youth are taught the meaning and significance of our common heritage, and are given the opportunity to learn about World Heritage sites, the history and traditions of their own and other cultures, ecology, and the importance of protecting biological and cultural diversity. Students learn how nations unite to save heritage cherished by the entire international community.

The Project also aims to develop effective educational approaches and teaching materials by creating a synergy among educators and heritage conservation experts in order to incorporate World Heritage education into the secondary school curricula or encourage extra-curricula activities at heritage sites in the community. 

The main challenge facing educators is how to integrate teaching of heritage into the existing secondary school curriculum. The project inspires both students and teachers to explore heritage in a broad sense - beyond the traditional realms of history and geography and to incorporate concepts and exercises based on heritage-related themes into all parts of the curriculum.

The project is coordinated by the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) and the World Heritage Centre in close co-operation with UNESCO Field offices and the National Commissions for UNESCO, and features concrete activities such as the World Heritage Youth Forums, teacher-training seminars on the use of the World Heritage Education Kit, and on-site skills development courses for young people.


Patrimonito, a young heritage guardian was designed by students at the first World Heritage Youth Forum in Bergen, Norway in 1995.

As part of the World Heritage Education project a number of workshops have been convened in the Asia-Pacific region:

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