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Young People's World Heritage Education


World Heritage Education Resource Kit: "World Heritage in Young Hands"

As part of the World Heritage Education project, a World Heritage Education Resource Kit has been produced. The World Heritage Educaiton Resource Kit "World Heritage in Young Hands" has benefited form observations and suggestions made by over 400 students and teachers in many countries.


The World Heritage Education Resource Kit, entitled "World Heritage in Young Hands", is designed to be a resource kit for teachers, as their role is vital for the success of World Heritage Education. Tested and designed in its final version to serve as a global tool, the Kit was initially published in English and French and was disseminated starting in 1999. Since then Spanish and Arabic versions have been published and Chinese and Russian versions are under preparation. National language versions are produced in cooperation with UNESCO National Commissions.


Through an interactive and multi-disciplinary approach, the Kit will help teachers in different disciplines and students to explore heritage in relation to legal framework, identity, tourism, environment and peace across the curriculum.


As a concrete tool, the Kit provides background information and pedagogical guidelines; proposes classroom and extra-curricular activities and offers visual material, such as photographs, posters, World Heritage maps and thematic overhead transparencies for classroom discussions. At the end of each of the main sections cross-curricular approaches are suggested which can be adapted to different situations.


Content of the Kit:

  • Educational Approaches to World Heritage
  • The World Heritage Convention
  • World Heritage and Tourism
  • World Heritage and the Environment
  • World Heritage and Culture of Peace
  • Resource materials


Acquiring the Kit

  • The Kit can be downloaded from the World Heritage Centre and is available in English, French and Spanish.  [download here]

  • The Kit can also be purchased (price 30 Euros) at UN bookstores or by ordering through:

UNESCO Publishing

7, place de Fonteroy

75352 Paris 07 SP, France

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