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17th UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Are we asking too much from our teachers?

By saying that teachers play a key role in determining the quality of education, are teachers then to be blamed when their students are not performing well? Are we demanding too much from our teachers? Are our demands realistic and appropriate? What should be the priorities of teachers as custodians of learning? How can we develop teachers as the powerhouses of education for the future we want? What policies must be in place to ensure that teachers can perform and contribute to the national, regional and global education goals?

UNESCO Bangkok, with support from the Japan Funds-in-Trust, is organizing the 17th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, The Powerhouses of Education: Teachers for the Future We Want, to answer these questions based on leading-edge research and studies about teachers and teaching practices. More specifically, the objectives of this year’s conference are to:

  • Increase understanding and knowledge about the teaching profession;

  • Showcase and promote innovative approaches, projects and practices that prepare teachers for their profession and enhance their performances;

  • Encourage national, regional and global collaboration to promote the teaching profession and revive teaching as a career of choice;

  • Facilitate networking and exchange of experiences among the participants.

Participants interested in presenting papers at the conference are invited to submit their abstracts by 31 July 2014. More information is available on the Call for Papers page.

“I touch the future. I teach.”

Christa McAuliffe (1948-1986), Teacher and Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Member