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Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Tools - Gender Sensitizing

by Chan Lean Heng

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2010, 30p.

ISBN 978-92-9223-333-4 (Print Version)
ISBN 978-92-9223-334-1 (Electronic version)

This module is designed to sensitize teachers to the meaning and classroom practice implications of gender consciousness so that teachers can adopt a gender perspective in their everyday lives and in their teaching functions.


Overview of the Module
Outline of the Module
Part One: Building Community and Understanding Gender
Part Two: Gender Relations in the Classroom and Beyond
Annex 1: PowerPoint for the Module with the Respective Inputs
Annex 2: Pre-session Questionnaire
Annex 3: Glossary of Related Terms
Annex 4: Statements about Women and Men
Annex 5: Checklist on “Examining My Own Educational Practice”
Annex 6: Gender and Education
Annex 7: UNESCO Gender Lens

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