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Project-based learning and tele-collaboration launched in Thai schools

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UNESCO Bangkok organized the first Capacity-Building Workshop on Project-Based Learning and Tele-collaboration in Thailand as part of the Facilitating ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project with the collaboration from Burapha University in Chonburi province from 17 to 20 August, 2010.

Facilitating ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project was introduced to more than 50 participants of the Capacity-Building Workshop who come from eleven schools in Chonburi province. Experts in the area of Project-Based Learning from UNESCO Bangkok discussed the concept of 21st Century skills and helped teachers understand the elements of Project-Based Learning (PBL), and how Tele-collaboration can complement the implementation of PBL.

The teachers from primary and secondary schools then formed five project groups and were guided through the components of designing a concrete PBL project to be implemented in their schools. Resource persons from UNESCO clarified existing misconceptions regarding Project-Based Learning and emphasized the need for thorough planning of activities and resources within each step of a PBL project.  With the advice from resource persons, the groups designed projects for students, making use of relevant issues in the community, and refined them to ensure all elements are realistic and meaningful.

A session on blogs and forums was delivered by Burapha University expert in education technology to introduce teachers to the collaboration tools which can be employed as a channel for communication among students and teachers in the same project teams. Projects that the PBL groups collaboratively planned will be carried out in the schools in three possible scenarios: Inter-disciplinary, Inter-School and Inter-cultural.

Participants received certificates at the end of the workshop and left with the confidence to implement the projects effectively for the benefits of students. Burapha University, as UNESCO’s partner of the project, will work closely with project teams to guide and supervise school teachers in their PBL project implementations to ensure continued support.

The Facilitating ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project, funded by the Korean-Funds-In Trust (KFIT), aims to create an enabling environment for student-centered use of ICT by building a stronger partnership between teacher education institutions (TEIs) and schools using “project-based learning” and “telecollaboration”. For more information and updates, visit UNESCO Bangkok website or contact Dr. Fengchun Miao,