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UNESCO Bangkok launches the ICT in Education Teacher Training Series

How can UNESCO help to provide teacher trainers, teachers and other educators with access to high-quality digital resources?

UNESCO Bangkok recently produced four CD-ROMs, the first volume in a series of quality resources for the ICT in Education Teacher Training Project in the Asia-Pacific Region. One objective of this project is to develop a set of materials that will be useful to Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in training teachers to integrate ICT in their pedagogy. However, anybody involved in education can make good use of the resources presented on the CDs.

The CD-ROMs are the following:

  • Free Software for Educators
    This CD-ROM contains free (open source) software which may help educators to produce their own ICT based learning objects, learning materials and classroom resources. About 30 applications are included, categorized into Office & Design, Internet, Educational Tools, Audio and Video, Graphics & Animation and Utilities.

  • Multimedia Resources
    A collection of clip art, PowerPoint backgrounds, icons, pictures, music, flash applets for teachers to produce their own materials or lesson plans.

  • Web-tools for Educators (updated version of the 2007 Japanese Funds-in-Trust funded edition)
    This CD-ROM offers about 50 web-based applications which are potentially useful for all types of education activities. Every application has its own tutorial explaining the educational potential and the technical installation.

  • Directory of ICT resources for Teaching and Learning of Science, Mathematics and Language (reproduction of the 2008 Japanese Funds-in-Trust funded edition)
    The Directory contains a set of ICT-based resources for teaching and learning of science, mathematics and language for secondary-level students, including simulations, video clips, interactive learning objects for quizzes, animation, and other kinds of multimedia learning activities.

The resources are especially valuable for educators who don't have fast Internet connections (or no Internet connection at all), and those who have limited funds and lack the time to search for good, free teaching resources.

Production has been sponsored by UNESCO G-77 and China South-South Cooperation Fund in Education.

You can obtain copies of the CDs (maximum of five CD-ROMs) by sending a request to: