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Training workshop on new pedagogy and ICT in Samarkand, Uzbekistan


UNESCO Tashkent office in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and INTEL Moscow has launched the first pilot training workshop on introduction of New Pedagogical and Information Communication Technologies in Education process in Uzbekistan. This training workshop held in ancient city of Samarkand was organised for master teacher educators from pre-service and in-service teacher training institutions of Uzbekistan 17-21 May, 2010.

The course was aimed at building the skills of teachers for effective and comprehensive use of information and innovative educational technologies in a classroom with the aim of developing key competencies of students based on values, knowledge and skills necessary for the generation of 21st century.

Training participants benefited from full range of teacher and student educational multimedia materials and digital resources, ICT integrated lesson plans and other useful resources for effective and efficient educational process. Training sessions were facilitated by the trainers from Russian Federation supported by the INTEL Moscow.

Also Web 1.0 and 2.0 as teachers’ tool for creating ICT based multimedia resources has been introduced. Another session was dedicated on Intel Digital Help Guide, an essential tool for teachers and students for self learning Microsoft Office Suit, as well computer literacy.

Presentation on Digital Viewer - an application for accessing Intel Teach and Intel Learn course materials in offline mode from the student computer has been delivered. On Digital Viewer the course materials have been customized to accommodate the Viewer’s interface and online capabilities.

Viewer helps teachers to find easily necessary content, search for specific concepts and terms, access course resources, open the Intel Education Help Guide skills, look up glossary terms, record notes, and more. All these tools and materials were disseminated to participants in the end of the training.

Sessions on modern pedagogical technologies for teaching have been delivered to build the skills for effective facilitating the learning process such as: how to speak and listen, how to monitor learning process, how to ask and answer the questions, how to support the student, how to effectively interfere into the process, reflections and many other related skills.

ICT resources for teachers compiled and provided by UNESCO Bangkok- Portfolio for Teacher ICT competence, Multimedia Resources, Directory of ICT resources for teaching and learning of Science, Mathematics and languages presented,   samples for ICT based lesson plans are discussed with participants. Participants are provided with CDs of all UNESCO Digital Resources for teachers and students.

Top official of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan remarked success of this pilot training held in Samarkand, and invited to further scale up this initiative to other regions and schools of Uzbekistan.

With liaison of UNESCO Bangkok, UNESCO Tashkent office concluded an agreement with INTEL (UK) for provision of series of teacher training activities in different regions of Uzbekistan. Within this agreement teaching and learning resources will be translated and adapted into Uzbek language, and disseminated to schools. Also, on-going technical backstopping and financial support will be provided by the Asia Pacific Regional Bureau of UNESCO in Bangkok.

“Developing skills of students, youngsters necessary for 21st Century is our primary goal, and it is vital that our next Generation will be able to think critically, to work collaboratively, and to take right decision for our sustainable and peaceful future” – states Mr. Jorge Ivan Espinal, Head of the UNESCO Tashkent office in Uzbekistan. “It is good to note that the government of Uzbekistan is placing significant efforts for equipping schools with modern information and communication tools, however, preparing teachers who could make use of these tools for improving the quality and efficiency of teaching remains under main concern. Therefore, we, as UNESCO field office in Uzbekistan, are challenged to assist the Government for the preparation of new generation of teachers through dissemination of the global knowledge and best practices…”