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Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2015

Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2015

        Innovation for Skills Development for the Future

Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2015


Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2015



    Call for Nominations 

    A McKinsey report, Education to Employment, highlighted a paradox of two global crises – high youth unemployment rates and shortage of workforce with critical job skills. In 2013, 73.4 million young people were unemployed. At the same time, 58% of employers surveyed thought that entry-level new hires did not have the necessary skills they needed.

    We live in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. So, what sort of skills are needed to cope with continuous changes, and how can these skills be developed?

    UNESCO has identified three types of skills: (i) foundation skills, (ii) specialized skills and (iii) transversal skills. These three sets of skills are equally important and none can be neglected. As economies are increasingly driven by knowledge, information and technology, the development of these skills throughout life becomes correspondingly critical.

    The Wenhui (文晖) Award for Educational Innovation, established by the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, and coordinated by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), aims to recognize the contributions of educators and institutions which have optimized the potential of education and the human innovative spirit to address and resolve pressing issues and problems facing our world today.

    For 2015, the theme of the Wenhui Award is Innovations for Skills Development for the Future to recognize innovative approaches that have helped to develop the different types of skills needed for the 21st century, demonstrated effective re-skilling and adjustment to skills mismatch, and contributed to productive and sustainable development.

    Two individuals or institutions from the Asia and Pacific region will be selected by a jury of distinguished educators. The winners will each receive a Certificate of Excellence and prize money of US$ 20,000 at the Wenhui Award event to be held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative practices. The results will be announced through a variety of channels to share the achievements of the winners and awardees..

    Who is eligible for the Award?

    Individuals or institutions from UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific region that have designed and implemented significant educational innovations leading to improved access to, and quality in, education and skills development will be eligible for the Award.

    More specifically, the Jury will be looking for educational innovations that have:

    • developed educational and training contents, pedagogies and knowledge to enhance skills development for the 21st century;

    • brought about noticeable changes in values, mindsets, practices, behaviours and skills for now and in the future; and

    • promoted and translated the principles of lifelong learning in skills development.

    How to apply for the Award?

    Applications can be submitted by government agencies, educational institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals in UNESCO Member States in the Asia and Pacific region. All applications should reach the Award Secretariat at UNESCO Bangkok through the National Commissions for UNESCO, UNESCO Offices and other organizations associated with UNESCO, using an official Award Application Form available here (.doc,170kb).

    More details about the Award, including the list of UNESCO offices and associated institutions, evaluation criteria, application process and conditions of entry, are available in the box on the right.

    Important dates:

    ⇒ Closing date for nominations:   29 July 2015

    ⇒ Selection of shortlisted nominations:   Early September 2015

    ⇒ Final selection and announcement of winners:   End of September 2015

    ⇒ Award ceremony:   To be confirmed

    For further information, contact:

    Wenhui Award Secretariat
    UNESCO Bangkok
    920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong
    Bangkok 10110, Thailand
    Tel: (66-2) 391-0577
    Fax: (66-2) 391-0866