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Asia-Pacific Regional Education Conference, 6-8 August 2014, Bangkok




Since 2000, the year 2015 has emerged as the horizon toward which the world projects its aspirations to achieve the Education for All and Millennium Development Goals. As the year approaches, the United Nations, while accelerating efforts to achieve these goals, began mobilizing the world to define the post-2015 development agenda. In this process, UNESCO and UNICEF mobilized a wide array of stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region to reflect on education beyond 2015 through regional high-level expert meetings and regional consultations. UNESCO Member States are currently conducting a critical review of Education for All (EFA) progress at the national level to take stock of the achievements and lessons learnt towards identifying the future education agenda.

The consultations so far have indicated that the direction of the post-2015 education agenda is to be anchored in a lifelong and sector-wide perspective, addressing access, equity and quality for all – children, youth and adults - at all levels of education from early childhood care and education to higher education and adult learning, and across formal, non-formal and informal modalities. UNESCO’s General Conference, which met in November 2013, also committed itself to promote an overarching goal for education to be “based upon key principles of access, equity, quality, in the perspective of lifelong learning”.

The process to determine post-2015 education goals, targets and strategies will culminate at the World Education Forum 2015, to be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, where an international framework for action for education 2015-2030 will be adopted, and at the UN Summit to be held in New York in September 2015 where the post-2015 sustainable development goals will be adopted.

UNESCO Bangkok will organize the Asia-Pacific Regional Education Conference and bring together ministers and high-level officials of ministries of education from countries in the region, as well as other actors and stakeholders in education in order to discuss issues, challenges and priorities for education beyond 2015 on the basis of the national EFA reviews and in light of emerging development challenges. The Conference will also develop regional recommendations for the international framework for action to be adopted at the World Education Forum in Incheon in 2015.

The Conference is financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Thailand, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea, UNICEF and UNESCO.



- To take stock of regional progress in education, in particular EFA, yield lessons learnt for the future and examine persisting and emerging issues, challenges and priorities for education beyond 2015; and

- To develop and agree on regional recommendations for the post-2015 global education and development agendas, including the international framework for action to be adopted at the World Education Forum 2015, Incheon, Republic of Korea.


Expected Output

An outcome document with recommendations for education post-2015, which will serve as the Asia-Pacific regional contribution to the international framework for action to be adopted at the World Education Forum 2015, Incheon, Republic of Korea.