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Innovative Pedagogical Approaches and Tools in Early Childhood Care and Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

This video documentation of innovative pedagogical approaches has been collected from nine programme sites in Australia, China, India, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Solomon Islands and Thailand. It is envisioned that these videos together with the resource book will support ECCE practitioners, researchers, international development partners, and policy development professionals as they work and advocate for inclusive quality early childhood care and education in various contexts.

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Parenting Education Videos

Nine videos containing key messages and good practice related to parenting education based on the recent  UNESCO Bangkok’s publications Parenting Education Guidebook and Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education, are released! 

The videos aim to improve the quality of the community-based parenting education programmes for parents, families, caregivers and other community members, so that they acquire appropriate knowledge and skills to provide holistic Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to their children. Thanks to the participants whose drawings have been included in the videos and which have been received as part of the Asia-Pacific contest 2012 organized by UNESCO, ARNEC, ASPBAE and UNICEF on “What is a good early childhood?” 

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Working Together for Early Childhood

This video was prepared by ARNEC with support of UNESCO, as a contribution to the UNESCO World Conference on ECCE in 2010 in Moscow, to promote the cause for early childhood in the Asia-Pacific region through a collective voice and to galvanize partnership in the region to work together to raise the profile of early childhood.