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UNESCO Bangkok's ECCE Programme

UNESCO Bangkok’s ECCE programme for the Asia-Pacific region focuses on the following strategies:

Policy research and advocacy: UNESCO supports countries to undertake policy research and advocate promoting comprehensive ECCE among policy-makers, civil society and various other stakeholders.

Partnerships: UNESCO, as one of the founding member organizations of the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC), supports ARNEC’s work in advocating policy change, knowledge generation, capacity building, information management and dissemination, and partnership building.

ECCE teacher development: UNESCO supports countries to develop capacity to comprehensively analyse pre-primary teacher education, professional development policies and systems, and to raise their standard.

Community-based parent education: UNESCO monitors the quality standards of community-based ECCE programmes and strives to support parents and families to be effective caregivers and educators.

Safe and effective use of ICT in Early Childhood Care and Education: UNESCO focuses on analysing existing research evidence, promoting sharing of experiences, and creating guidelines related to ICT integration in ECCE targeting policy-makers, pre-primary teachers and parents.