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Mmantsetsa Marope

Director, Division of Basic Education, UNESCO, France

Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope is currently the Director of the Division of Basic Education at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris after having held a position at The World Bank in Education for 10 years. She is an educationist with 29 years of practice. Her experience covers school teaching, school management teams, ministry of education, university teaching, managing regional research networks, and working full time and on consultancy basis for international bi–lateral and multi–lateral organizations. She has extensive experience in basic research; policy research and policy dialogue; sector analysis; development of sector reform programs; making sector programs more responsive to national economic and social development challenges; capacity assessment including the design and implementation of capacity development programs; supporting diagnostic program implementation; monitoring and evaluation; program impact assessment; resource mobilization; efficient resource utilization, building and engendering international partnerships for sector development, and business development.